Workshop: Accelerate your Job Search

How can you accelerate your job search?


…. By using the insider knowledge executive recruiters use every day!


Put my experience as an executive recruiter to work.  Learn a few recruiting “truths” that may surprise you.  Did you know that the  most qualified person does not always get the job?  So who does end up getting hired?  Join me for this  workshop and I will share the tips and technique that will get you in front of the right managers so you can demonstrate value,  that leads to the job offer!


I use these  “insider” secrets  every day to help people get hired and I am going to share my top five with you on Thursday, January 10, 2013.

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The 5 Secrets Executive Recruiters Use to Get People Hired is my first free seminar of 2013.  During this one hour presentation you’ll learn:


  • Resumes, what to leave IN, what to leave OUT
  • What makes employers want to see you
  • Who should get your resume
  • How to stand out from others
  • What it takes to find a new job
  • How to find employer “Hot Buttons”
  • What questions to ask in interviews
  • And more….


I know you’ve never thought of before!


Our next workshop has not yet been scheduled.  EMAIL US to be notified about the next date.