Assessment Optimizer

Medicaid-Assessment-Managed-Medicaid-ServicesEvery version of Health Care Reform legislation has a Medicaid expansion provision. This expansion  creates rapid enrollment increases leaving managed care companies with little time to prepare. Most state governors also support increasing HBCS program participation. With a waiting list for these services that has grown by more than 31% in the past several years, there is a tremendous demand for these programs.  Our Assessment Optimizer solution is focused on helping Managed Care Organizations reduce the cost of handling assessments.

Ready to Deploy

We know responding  quickly and accurately to the needs of  new members is the number one priority for Managed Care Companies.  This can be quite a challenge when moving into a new state.  But what if you had a team of established, qualified, clinical professionals ready to go?  Well you do, or we shouldsay we do.  Our network of  Nurses and Social Workers  are trained and experienced in Medicaid home assessments they understand state mandated guidelines and they are ready to help you survive the flood of initial assessments as you move into a new state.

Managed Medicaid Services has been providing this service to Medicaid Managed Care companies for over two years. Having completed more than 6000 in home assessments, we understand the process and the need for accurate and timely visits to eligible members.

To learn more about how this service can reduce your costs and respond rapidly to your needs contact us today.