Where will the Medicaid dollars come from?

The Debate is Finally Getting Around to Reform

This is one of the most persistent questions being asked today. If ACA is here to stay AND if Medicaid is going to expand, how do we pay for it? One answer has been to increase tax revenues on the wealthiest Americans. While this has become a popular sentiment, it is more of a political statement then any meaningful enhancement to revenue.

The real answer to the question seems to be coming around to the need for true reform; reform in how we fund Medicaid, in how we reimburse providers, and in how we deliver care to Medicaid members. The money debate has moved on from whether ACA and Medicaid expansion should be done, but in how it will be implemented.

In a recent post on The Health Care Blog, writer Dan Diamond illustrates this shift in focus by describing the change in tone from Florida Governor Rick Scott.  Scott, a staunch opponent of ACA and Medicaid expansion, is described in the post as begrudgingly implementing ACA. It is a dramatic example of how the momentum has swept the issue into a new pool of discussion and thought.

If we were designing a health-reform agenda from scratch, what would it look like?” ~ Avik Roy in National Review (Click to tweet this)

I view this development as the right next step. However, it will be the private sector that has to lead. We can’t generate enough funding to do everything for everyone in Medicaid. The shortfall will need to come from innovation, efficiency and improved health outcomes. The private sector has already been working hard on this and building new ways to meet the demand, and reality, of health care delivery in the post-ACA world. If government can finally agree on the framework, then I believe the private sector can find a way to make it happen.

A better way does not have to be more expensive. The Affordable Care Act is not perfect. It has a lot of flaws that may actually do more harm than good.  At least  now we are talking about what it was intended to do; reform how we deliver health care.


~ Richard Yadon

A Social Media Job Search Tip

A True Story of Social Media Job Search Success

While reading an article by Ryan Holmes on LinkedIn about social media tips for job hunting, I was reminded of a true story that happened to me a few months ago.  In this video I relate how someone I was working with found his “dream job” through our social media connection.

In his article, Holmes talks about how social media is making the job search process easier for both job seekers and employers.  I would agree.  There are more ways than ever to connect with people and companies today through social media.

Social media isn’t just useful if you are looking for a job. It is also one of the best ways to stay on top of your career field and to gain recognition and influence as a thought leader.  That by itself can connect you to opportunities you would never have known existed.

Of course if you aren’t connected at all then you need to get started.   I have provided my personal social media links below if you’d like to expand your network.   Just Friend Me, Invite Me, or Follow Me, depending on what network you want to connect.

“…that by itself can connect you to opportunities you would never have known existed.” ~ Richard Yadon
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Ready to expand your network? Connect with me on….LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter




How You Think Can Sabotage Your Search

This is the perfect time of year to remember reasons to be grateful.

It’s often hard to remember your endless talents and skills, or even think about being grateful when you’ve been in a job search longer than you anticipated. It is easy to get down on yourself and often feel negative or depressed. If you allow these thoughts and feelings to affect your attitude it will sabotage your search.

Take time to think of a time when you felt the best about yourself. Remember the exact day, where you were and how you were feeling about yourself. This confident, happy person is the individual that needs to conduct your job search. You’re that same person just under different circumstances.

Take out a piece of paper and write down your talents, your personality traits, your accomplishments and every positive characteristic that describes you. Whenever rejection or disappointments get you down remember to pull out that list.

You are an extremely talented person who deserves to find an opportunity that represents your next logical career move. Never forget that fact as you progress on your job search journey!

Internal Medicine | NP | Nurse Practitioner

Variety, Challenge, and No Call Requirements

Full time Internal Medicine ARNP needed for hospital affiliated physician practice. This is the perfect match for a Practitioner who is prepared to work in a high energy, dynamic, and diversified environment.

Nurse Practitioners who want a clinically oriented job, but a minimum amount of direct patient care, will find this to be the right mix of both. Responsibilities are 100% patient consult, in a modern and comfortable office setting, Monday through Friday, NO On Call requirements!

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The practice affiliation offers cardiac care services, joint replacement, weight loss and gastrointestinal surgical programs, cancer, diabetes, behavioral health, and sleep medicine.




Attract Coders NOW to Move from ICD 9 to ICD 10

Your IDC-10 Success Depends on Who You Attract Today

The American Academy of Professional Coders states that most health care organizations are behind the curve with respect to their ICD 10 codes. One of this biggest reasons is that they don’t have enough qualified, professionals coders. As the deadline draws closer the workload will increase.

“You can’t just recruit coders, you need to ‘attract’ them to your organization.” ~ Richard Yadon
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Organizations who don’t attract the coders now will not be able to catch up.   In this short video, MMS CEO Richard Yadon talks about what these professional coders are looking for in new opportunities.




First Thanksgiving

Enjoy this Poem from Margaret Hillert

If I had been a Pilgrim child
Among the fields and forests wild
Where deer and turkey used to roam,
A cabin would have been my home
With fireplace and earthen floor
And bearskins hanging at the door.

I would have gathered berries bright
For candles fragrantly alight,
And dug for clams and picked the corn
And laid the table smooth and worn.
Or hunted nuts hard-shelled and good
And helped in any way I could,
With time to laugh and play and run
When Indian children came for fun.

And on the first Thanksgiving Day
I would have met with friends to pray
And thank the Lord for all his care
In keeping us together there.


“And Thank the Lord for all his care”

How the Latest Health Care Innovations Will Change Who You Hire

 Your Next Superstar May Not Be From Health Care

While reading the article about the Health 2.0 showcase in Europe I was reminded of a conversation I had earlier in the day with a health information technology sales executive. She told me that the health information management solutions on the market today will be completely different in two years.  That will require new blood, new thinking, and a different kind of health technology sales executive.

The old saying “You can’t keep doing things the same way and expect a different result” comes to mind.  Just recycling the same sales people from competitors will only move a sales team further behind the curve.

“That will require new blood, new thinking, and a different kind of health technology sales executive.” (Click to Tweet this)

I am already seeing this in other areas of health care, especially in care management.  Movement away from traditional care models is creating a need for non-traditional skill sets.

Sales competency is and will continue to be important. Also important will be the ability to transcend traditional ways of thinking and selling.  Organizations will need to look outside of the health care for their next sales stars.

Health 2.0 Showcase Article

Click here to get more ideas about finding your next superstar.

Case Manager Jobs – New Opportunity in WI

Out Client is Looking for You!

Strong and growing! This leading healthcare enterprise truly values their nurses. They offer innovative products and sophisticated analytic tools. An experienced RN with case management will enhance the continuing growth of the team in the WI market.

“We believe our nurse case managers are the backbone of our member’s care.”

Experienced case manager will assess, plan and coordinate continuum of care for select members with complex medical or behavioral health conditions or are at high risk in order to promote quality, cost effective care.



How to Honor Veterans Day

Observing Veterans Day is about Action

MMS President and CEO Richard Yadon shares his thoughts on being a veteran and how to honor this important day.


“Take time today to touch the life of a veteran, take action!”  ~Richard Yadon



Resources to help Veterans:

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Hiring Veterans

Veterans’ Familes United Foundation

Disabled Veterans

Transitioning to Civilian Life


Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Medicaid Innovations Conference

Top 10 Reasons to Attend this Year’s Medicaid Innovations Forum


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  1. Arkansas Department of Human Services will offer a unique case study about their Healthcare Payment Improvement Initiative, focusing on how they are Aligning Payment Incentives for Delivery of High Quality Coordinated Care.
  2. Leaders from EmblemHealth and UnitedHealthcare will discuss Health Insurance Exchanges and Shifting Thinking from Medicaid to Commercial Operations.
  3. Minnesota and Colorado share their first-hand perspectives on establishing an ACO within their Medicaid programs.
  4. Wellpoint will share the key components of the quality initiative that resulted in improved HEDIS scores including promoting preventive care, encouraging and rewarding best practices, creating a lever for medical home-based care, and improving data capture.
  5. Missouri Department of Social Services will address Preventing and Detecting Fraud and Abuse in Medicaid Managed Care Organizations.
  6. L.A. Care will disclose their community partnership approach to reducing unnecessary ER visits and preventable readmissions and Ohio offers the state perspective on reducing ER visits among Medicaid beneficiaries.
  7. The Department of Vermont Health Access will explore the challenges of expansion, and the plan to launch a single, universal payer system.
  8. UnitedHealth Group, the State of Michigan, and CareSource offer their unique strategies for consumer engagement.
  9. EmblemHealth shares how they are preparing for the challenge and opportunity of dual eligible integrated care programs.
  10. UPMC Health Plan will deliver a case study on how they are supporting the Patient Centered Medical Home in Medicaid and CareSource discusses their bridge to home discharge planning program.
To see the agenda, visit http://www.medicaidinnovations.com