Case Management

Medicaid-Case-Management-Managed-Medicaid-ServicesWhen you need to quickly and efficiently ramp up your Medicaid care management or care coordination services, the is the first place to turn. Our network of professional and qualified case managers can be available on short notice for long-term or short-term projects to assist you with:

  • Quickly implementing new plan operations
  • Handle rapid enrollment expansion
  • Overflow case work
  • Easily budgeting staffing costs for RFPs
  • Quick Implementation – we can be ready within 48 hours to support your Medicaid assessment, ongoing case management, or new enrollee needs.

MMS Case Manager Network

Network – Our network of experienced case managers (RNs and SWs) can take on a variety of case loads in diverse geographical location. We can hire and train our team in a very short time.

Experience & Knowledge – Having completed more than 6000 Medicaid assessments and currently working hundreds of ongoing care management cases, we can adapt and quickly implement a workflow specific to your product’s requirement.

New Enrollee Assistance – Our staff can help you meet state regulations for new enrollee’s, reducing your need for additional FTE’s and impacting current staff workloads.

Ongoing Case Management – The experienced case managers in our network are available if your case loads are too high, if your patient volume fluctuates, you need coverage in areas that don’t justify new FT staff, or if you need to quickly ramp up for a new plan.

Clinical Supervision – The team assigned to your cases or assessments will be supervised by an experienced and credentialed RN familiar with Medicaid and care management.

Training Support – Through our experience we can conduct training for new staff on your requirements so you don’t have to allocate your own FT resources to train our team.

The MMS Case Management Network is a cost effective and efficient solution for many Medicaid MCOs. Please contact us to see if it is the right solution for you.