Job Alert: HEDIS Coordinator

You do not need to be an RN for this opportunity in QUALITY!  This role is responsible for ensuring HEDIS data accuracy and reporting, including coordinating and updating management on clinical quality metrics and HEDIS processes and results.  This will also include investigation, auditing, and process improvement opportunities. You will assist with quality improvement initiatives in the service and clinical areas.

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Position Purpose:
Perform duties to ensure HEDIS data accuracy and reporting, including investigation, auditing, and improvement opportunities.  Assist with quality improvement initiatives in the service and clinical areas.

Bachelor’s degree in related field or equivalent experience.  3+ years of quality improvement or healthcare related experience.  Working knowledge of the National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) HEDIS requirements preferred.

Knowledge Worker:  Critical Thinking/Execution, Adaptability/Flexibility, Communication/Relationship Development, Technical and Professional Knowledge

Position Responsibilities:

”    Coordinate, complete, and update management on clinical quality metrics and HEDIS processes and results
”    Establish and maintain an action plan to improve HEDIS scores
”    Implement process to request and evaluate member compliance reports for each HEDIS measure, including evaluating improvement opportunities
”    Collaborate with providers and internal departments on rate investigation and validation activities, including     maintaining all evidences, documentations, and changes
”    Manage the HEDIS project to include assignment of nurses, adherence to plan timeline, and vendor oversight for timeliness and quality
”    Conduct quality audit and maintain all data and process controls to ensure compliance

Job Alert: Virtual Auditor Medical Coding

Virtual, minimal travel, international company with accelerated career opportunities!

This is what awaits the Medical Coding Auditor.   You are a top technical coding expert looking to represent a leading international company assisting them with their hospital and physician practice clients as a first level coding auditor and trainer.  Your experience in ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT coding, HCPCS, and DRG assignments will be vital in this role.  While working with clients you be provide ongoing education to their coders, physicians, and other clinical staff.  Almost all your work will be done remotely from your home office with only 15% to 20% of your time traveling.

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Write Down Goals to Accelerate Your Career

Happy New Year!

Have you written down ten goals for 2013?  Written goals can often create new momentum behind your job search. Take time to determine what you want to accomplish in all areas that are important to you. Examples might include: Health, Career, Financial, Education, Spiritual, Philanthropic, Personal etc. After you write down your ten goals, under each goal write down 4 to 5 action items that will help you attain your goal. Finally, place a specific target date for completion next to each action item.

Too often, goals are set for the coming year and then stashed away never to be read again until the following December. This year follow the instructions above and post your goals where you can see them as you conduct your career search. When you realize you are conducting your search to help you attain your goals in the areas that are most important to you and the people you love, it puts a new found energy behind your efforts. If you don’t write your goals down, add dated action items and post your goals – they could become no more effective than New Year’s Resolutions that are typically broken before the middle of January.


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Ask people in your targeted profession to share with you what publications or journals they read. Also ask them what Professional Associations they support. Many of the articles in these trade publications inform you who is hiring or expanding. Often job leads are hidden within the promotional announcements. The websites of Professional Associations are filled with valuable information that could enhance your job search. You can often attend a few meetings of these groups as a guest and often the other attendees can open doors for you to prospective employers. Over 50% of individuals finding jobs in the current job market are the result of networking – where someone makes a recommendation or introduction that opens a door! Never underestimate the value of reading and attending meetings where you can connect with people in your targeted field.

Is It Time To Do A Check Up From The Neck Up?

Get out there and escalate your search efforts during the Holidays

During our weekly job seeker live webinars, our trainer has picked up on some negative attitudes from some of the job seekers who are asking questions. Our fear is that potential employers might also pick up on these negative vibes and impact their decision to hire or not to hire. We understand this is a very difficult time of year to be unemployed. We understand that many of you are sick and tired of your family and friends asking you if you are still looking for a job. We understand how frustrating it is to be rejected and not receive a job offer. It’s easy to focus on what has and is going wrong with your job search.

However, it’s time to realize you have NO control over the job market, or the decisions made by hiring authorities.

You DO have 100% control over how you choose to react. (Click to Tweet This)

Their decisions can become learning experiences to improve your search efforts, or they can destroy you. The choice is yours to make.

Your attitude depends 10% of what happens to you and 90% on how you choose to react. Often the best decision is to refuse to react at all and just continue your efforts. The job seekers who are receiving job offers have just decided to get rejected more than you have! Each no and each experience with rejection puts you that much closer to getting a yes. Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality. Get out there and escalate your search efforts during the Holidays.

When you meet people and they ask you about your job search, smile and tell them it’s been a real adventure being a free agent in the open job market. If you appear sad and depressed people will avoid making contact with you. Appear happy and approachable and then turn the attention to them and ask them about themselves. If you let someone talk about them self, they like you more and will be more apt to provide you with leads, referrals and networking possibilities. Make sure you take your resume cards with you to every event!

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A Social Media Job Search Tip

A True Story of Social Media Job Search Success

While reading an article by Ryan Holmes on LinkedIn about social media tips for job hunting, I was reminded of a true story that happened to me a few months ago.  In this video I relate how someone I was working with found his “dream job” through our social media connection.

In his article, Holmes talks about how social media is making the job search process easier for both job seekers and employers.  I would agree.  There are more ways than ever to connect with people and companies today through social media.

Social media isn’t just useful if you are looking for a job. It is also one of the best ways to stay on top of your career field and to gain recognition and influence as a thought leader.  That by itself can connect you to opportunities you would never have known existed.

Of course if you aren’t connected at all then you need to get started.   I have provided my personal social media links below if you’d like to expand your network.   Just Friend Me, Invite Me, or Follow Me, depending on what network you want to connect.

“…that by itself can connect you to opportunities you would never have known existed.” ~ Richard Yadon
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How You Think Can Sabotage Your Search

This is the perfect time of year to remember reasons to be grateful.

It’s often hard to remember your endless talents and skills, or even think about being grateful when you’ve been in a job search longer than you anticipated. It is easy to get down on yourself and often feel negative or depressed. If you allow these thoughts and feelings to affect your attitude it will sabotage your search.

Take time to think of a time when you felt the best about yourself. Remember the exact day, where you were and how you were feeling about yourself. This confident, happy person is the individual that needs to conduct your job search. You’re that same person just under different circumstances.

Take out a piece of paper and write down your talents, your personality traits, your accomplishments and every positive characteristic that describes you. Whenever rejection or disappointments get you down remember to pull out that list.

You are an extremely talented person who deserves to find an opportunity that represents your next logical career move. Never forget that fact as you progress on your job search journey!

Internal Medicine | NP | Nurse Practitioner

Variety, Challenge, and No Call Requirements

Full time Internal Medicine ARNP needed for hospital affiliated physician practice. This is the perfect match for a Practitioner who is prepared to work in a high energy, dynamic, and diversified environment.

Nurse Practitioners who want a clinically oriented job, but a minimum amount of direct patient care, will find this to be the right mix of both. Responsibilities are 100% patient consult, in a modern and comfortable office setting, Monday through Friday, NO On Call requirements!

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The practice affiliation offers cardiac care services, joint replacement, weight loss and gastrointestinal surgical programs, cancer, diabetes, behavioral health, and sleep medicine.




How the Latest Health Care Innovations Will Change Who You Hire

 Your Next Superstar May Not Be From Health Care

While reading the article about the Health 2.0 showcase in Europe I was reminded of a conversation I had earlier in the day with a health information technology sales executive. She told me that the health information management solutions on the market today will be completely different in two years.  That will require new blood, new thinking, and a different kind of health technology sales executive.

The old saying “You can’t keep doing things the same way and expect a different result” comes to mind.  Just recycling the same sales people from competitors will only move a sales team further behind the curve.

“That will require new blood, new thinking, and a different kind of health technology sales executive.” (Click to Tweet this)

I am already seeing this in other areas of health care, especially in care management.  Movement away from traditional care models is creating a need for non-traditional skill sets.

Sales competency is and will continue to be important. Also important will be the ability to transcend traditional ways of thinking and selling.  Organizations will need to look outside of the health care for their next sales stars.

Health 2.0 Showcase Article

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Case Manager Jobs – New Opportunity in WI

Out Client is Looking for You!

Strong and growing! This leading healthcare enterprise truly values their nurses. They offer innovative products and sophisticated analytic tools. An experienced RN with case management will enhance the continuing growth of the team in the WI market.

“We believe our nurse case managers are the backbone of our member’s care.”

Experienced case manager will assess, plan and coordinate continuum of care for select members with complex medical or behavioral health conditions or are at high risk in order to promote quality, cost effective care.



Job Alert: Director of Business Intelligence

Are you ready to sit in the driver’s seat creating healthcare innovation through the use of Business Intelligence and Analytics? MMS has been chosen as the recruiting partner for a best in class technology leader to fill this key role.  This is a remote based position, we are  searching for BI leadership professionals anywhere in the country.





Spearhead the Company’s BI and analytics functions

Identify analytics opportunities in Revenue Cycle Management and related areas and provide strategic and
tactical leadership for implementing these opportunities


Provide appropriate pre-sales support in terms of putting together presentations and proposals for
prospective clients, marketing collateral and in BI/analytics solutions.

Engage with clients to understand business dynamics and to identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
Provide appropriate client services support


 Work closely with the solutions design and development team to ensure timely and qualitative technical
services delivery

Skills, Qualifications and Competencies:

• Bachelor’s / Master’s in Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Math, Economics, Econometrics
• Overall experience of eight years, with at least five years’ experience in a leadership role, providing
analytics solutions and services
• Experience in Managed Meta data Environment strategies, standards, techniques and approaches
• Experience in data warehousing and RDBMS
• Experience in designing BI and analytics solutions and in providing sales support
• Experience in working with BI tools such as Cognos and SAP
• Strong interpersonal and team management skills
 Exceptional written and oral communication and presentation skills
• Strategic thinking, problem solving and creativity
• Insights into and familiarity with analytics opportunities in the US healthcare industry for Providers, Payers,
Accountable Care Organizations, Health Information Exchanges, Healthcare technology companies
• Knowledge of automation tools
• Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle
• Attractive base salary + benefits + performance based bonus + stock options