Provider Networks

New state Medicaid plans often mean creating new provider networks. This is not an easy task if the Medicaid MCO has not previously worked in a particular state. Successful contract negotiations and productive relationships can make or break the financial model. It has to be a quick, yet profitable, process. Medicaid plans cannot wait long to hire and train their network development and provider relations people.


Start Up Services

To quickly start building a network, companies need experienced provider network development people on the ground. People now understand the economic analytics of managed care reimbursements and know how to negotiate. Managed Medicaid Services provides these network development professionals on short-term and long-term projects. Benefits of using our provider contract professionals include:

  • Rapid response to your needs
  • Cost effective contracting arrangements
  • Experienced professionals without the overhead
  • Time to build your own high-impact network development and provider relations team

Contact us to learn more about helping you establish or maintain new provider networks.