Write Down Goals to Accelerate Your Career

Happy New Year!

Have you written down ten goals for 2013?  Written goals can often create new momentum behind your job search. Take time to determine what you want to accomplish in all areas that are important to you. Examples might include: Health, Career, Financial, Education, Spiritual, Philanthropic, Personal etc. After you write down your ten goals, under each goal write down 4 to 5 action items that will help you attain your goal. Finally, place a specific target date for completion next to each action item.

Too often, goals are set for the coming year and then stashed away never to be read again until the following December. This year follow the instructions above and post your goals where you can see them as you conduct your career search. When you realize you are conducting your search to help you attain your goals in the areas that are most important to you and the people you love, it puts a new found energy behind your efforts. If you don’t write your goals down, add dated action items and post your goals – they could become no more effective than New Year’s Resolutions that are typically broken before the middle of January.


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Ask people in your targeted profession to share with you what publications or journals they read. Also ask them what Professional Associations they support. Many of the articles in these trade publications inform you who is hiring or expanding. Often job leads are hidden within the promotional announcements. The websites of Professional Associations are filled with valuable information that could enhance your job search. You can often attend a few meetings of these groups as a guest and often the other attendees can open doors for you to prospective employers. Over 50% of individuals finding jobs in the current job market are the result of networking – where someone makes a recommendation or introduction that opens a door! Never underestimate the value of reading and attending meetings where you can connect with people in your targeted field.

How You Think Can Sabotage Your Search

This is the perfect time of year to remember reasons to be grateful.

It’s often hard to remember your endless talents and skills, or even think about being grateful when you’ve been in a job search longer than you anticipated. It is easy to get down on yourself and often feel negative or depressed. If you allow these thoughts and feelings to affect your attitude it will sabotage your search.

Take time to think of a time when you felt the best about yourself. Remember the exact day, where you were and how you were feeling about yourself. This confident, happy person is the individual that needs to conduct your job search. You’re that same person just under different circumstances.

Take out a piece of paper and write down your talents, your personality traits, your accomplishments and every positive characteristic that describes you. Whenever rejection or disappointments get you down remember to pull out that list.

You are an extremely talented person who deserves to find an opportunity that represents your next logical career move. Never forget that fact as you progress on your job search journey!