How the Latest Health Care Innovations Will Change Who You Hire

 Your Next Superstar May Not Be From Health Care

While reading the article about the Health 2.0 showcase in Europe I was reminded of a conversation I had earlier in the day with a health information technology sales executive. She told me that the health information management solutions on the market today will be completely different in two years.  That will require new blood, new thinking, and a different kind of health technology sales executive.

The old saying “You can’t keep doing things the same way and expect a different result” comes to mind.  Just recycling the same sales people from competitors will only move a sales team further behind the curve.

“That will require new blood, new thinking, and a different kind of health technology sales executive.” (Click to Tweet this)

I am already seeing this in other areas of health care, especially in care management.  Movement away from traditional care models is creating a need for non-traditional skill sets.

Sales competency is and will continue to be important. Also important will be the ability to transcend traditional ways of thinking and selling.  Organizations will need to look outside of the health care for their next sales stars.

Health 2.0 Showcase Article

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Search- Manager Provider Relations|East Coast Location

Pam Ratz DeVille, Executive Consultant with Managed Medicaid Services announces a search for a Manager of Provider Relations. Managed Care Organizations are expanding rapidly to meet growing demand and they look to Pam to help them attract the top talent from the industry.
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Pamela Ratz DeVille, CPC, CIR, CDR |
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Manager Provider Relations

Foster collaboration with the provider community as the Manager of Provider Relations. A strong leader with a desire to stay innately connected to the requirements of state and federal health programs will stand out as a prime individual to enhance and develop the team at this growing Managed Care Organization.

Duties Include:

– Responsible for maintaining existing and developing new provider relations, and assisting with contracting activities.
– Manage the staff in contracting area including work flow, training and communication standards.
– Manage day-to-day provider relations activities and provider relations department.
– Develop, implement and maintain production and quality standards for the contracting staff.
– Monitor and analyze costs and prepare departmental budget.
– Initiate and execute standard physician and ancillary provider contracts.
– Coordinate all pre-contract activities with providers such as, site visits, credentialing, orientation to contractual requirements, etc.
– Maintain contracts and correspondence files in organized and accessible manner for all providers.
– Prepare and analyze information to evaluate the need for additional health plan providers.
– Manage and coordinate customized provider contracts and hospital contracts.
– Participate in physician and ancillary provider contracting and provider relations in foreign state markets through implementation and startup phases.


Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience. 4-6 years of Managed care or health delivery system experience including project and staff management experience. Experience with state and federal health programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Provider relations/contracting experience including solid communication and negotiation skills.