Is Performance Management the answer?

This question was recently addressed on LinkedIn.  Here’s how I answered it…

Performance Management is necessary when you have the wrong people in the wrong job. If companies continue to use a job description and continue to interview to validate resumes they will never know who they really hire. The wrong fit always creates performance issues.

A better way is to first truly understand the job. This means digging into the Key Performance Indicators, developing the kinds of performance behaviors that will be successful, and then Benchmarking the top people in the job. This information is then coupled with a solid performance and behavioral based interviewing process to match the person to the job. When you have a good match you don’t need to “manage” performance, you just need to let the employee do what they do best.
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83% of People Say…

It’s common knowledge that referrals are the best way to build a successful business.  An online survey at Financial Advisor Magazine found that client referrals were cited by 43% of practitioners as the source of their best new clients. On-line networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook as well as blog sites like Word Press see an influx of individuals seeking adivce, connections, and referrals on a daily basis.

People feel more comfortable going into a business relationship with an unknown party if a friend or colleague has already begun to bridge the gap. In a study conducted by Forrester Research in 2008, they found that 83% of people would trust the opinion of a friend or acquaintance who has used the product or service. This statistic can transfer very easily into client referrals.

Health Career Professionals has recently launched the new Client Referral Program. This program is designed to encourage and reward those individuals who offer client referrals. Is there someone in your network we should be speaking with about jobs at their company? Has someone told you about a hard to fill position they are responsible for? Do you have a colleague in a new management position who is trying to build their team?

When you refer a new client and a person is successfully placed in a job at their company, Health Career Professionals will award you a $500 gift certificate or donate $500 to your favorite charity in your name.

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