A new Medicaid trend, Walmart gift cards?

Is the aggressive recruitment of Medicaid recipients the latest trend? Is it legal?

We hear of cases of Medicaid fraud in which a member’s identity is obtained, they are enrolled in Medicaid and then never receive any of the services in which Medicaid is billed. Fighting this fraud continues to be one of the top areas of concern for the entire industry. This is clearly crossing the legal line.

Today we are struck by the number of times we are hearing about the legal line being pushed in regard to the recruitment of patients covered by Medicaid to go to a particular doctor, not fraud per say but a practice that many question. With millions of dollars at stake healthcare companies are becoming aggressive in the methods they use to attract patients who are covered by Medicaid.

One example is the for profit hospitals who are updating their facilities to make them more attractive to Medicaid patients who are normally served at the non for profit hospital across the street. We read with interest the following article about large dental practices in Texas that have 100’s of recruiters on the street looking to encourage patients to see the dentist. These recruiters give out gift cards or pizza coupons to encourage a Medicaid covered patient to visit the dental office that has hired them. Servicing Medicaid patients is big business and dentists in Texas are clearly scrambling to get a bigger piece of the pie.

Recruiters Scramble for Texas Dental Patients

This is an interesting trend since we often hear from Medicaid experts/guests on the Medicaid Matters Talk Show that finding providers can be one of the main issues in delivering quality care. We may be seeing the tables turn and providers looking to capitalize on serving Medicaid patients rather than turning them away. We will keep you posted.

Step 4 or 4: High Performance Teams

Give employees a career instead of a job

“That’s just not fair!”

Whether it is true or not, this is not something you want employees to say.  Often is beyond a company’s power to control how employees feel.  However, company’s can avoid creating situations that might cause an employee to think or say this.  Companies DO have a great deal of control in which they hire and promote.

In my executive search business we often hear from executives who feel this way.  Either they have been passed over for a promotion or they have seen others passed over multiple times.  Sometimes their company never considered an insider for an open position. Whatever the reason, these people feel like a commodity instead of a valued contributor.  If this kind of perception starts to permeate the workforce the company is doomed – especially now that top talent is harder to find.

There are many reasons why a company would go outside to hire top talent; they don’t have a qualified person internally, they want fresh perspectives, they want competitor intelligence, etc…  Hiring outside is expensive, time intensive, and dangerous (see steps 1 & 2)! Often it can be avoided if companies have a career development culture instead of an open seat culture.

Hiring from your current employees only works if you diligently practice Step 3.  It also means a huge ROI on your labor expense.  When employees believe they have the opportunity to grow and advance they don’t spend time looking elsewhere.  When they enjoy a company development program they have greater confidence to take on more responsibility.  Employees will take their performance more seriously and pursue self-development agendas.  Giving an employee a career is a long-term investment strategy, one that every company must follow.

This is the final installment of the four steps to building a high performance team.  Putting these steps into practice will have tremendous impact on company profitability and competitive edge.  Don’t wait until your competition has all the top talent, beat them to the best people now!